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"Arts and Roots Forum," March 14, 2008 at 4 p.m.

Host Martin Perlich interviews Ex Machina Press Founder Peter A. Balaskas (pictured on left) and Associate Editor Mark D'Anna (on right). Listen as they talk about Peter's publishing company, Mark's story collection "Big Brown Bag," and Peter's short story "Duet," which is featured in the award-winning Silent Voices: a creative mosaic of fiction, Volume Three.

KCSN Program Director Martin Perlich hosts Arts & Roots Forum, an enlightening half-hour program featuring in-depth live interviews with major contributor to Arts & Roots in Southern California and the world, every weekday at 4:00PM on KCSN FM.

The author of The Art of the Interview, as well as 4 novels that comprise The Adequacy Quartet, Martin brings his unique insight and imagination to a series of live visits with major artists and cultural figures in Southern California and beyond, including author/humorist Sandra Tsing Loh, beloved composer Morten Lauridsen, poet/songwriter Oscar Brown, Jr., the world’s foremost lutenist Paul O’dette, controversial Director Peter Sellars, Avant-garde playwright Murray Mednick, Oscar-nominated documentarian Kirby Dick, and many more.

Martin Perlich conducts these live in-studio interviews most weekday afternoons at 4 (Pacific). The Best of ARF are re-broadcast (as ARF!! ARF!!) on KCSN every Thursday evening.